Life Update #2: College Student, Writer, and Aunt!

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I updated you guys on life. With lots changing recently/in the next couple months I felt it was appropriate. So, no article this week, but I’ll have a Song + Verse up next week and a special update detailing my move to Minnesota the week after. Then we’ll be back on a more regular schedule. Let’s do it!

First up is college! Many of you know that in May, 2019 I was accepted into the Bachelor of Arts program at Bethany Global University in Bloomington, MN. I was supposed to be there in January, 2020, but it didn’t work out that way. I was disappointed, of course, but God had other (better) plans. Not going in January allowed me to save more money for school, not have the stress of being sent home and having classes during the beginning of Covid-19, more time with friends and family, and more time to get this blog to the place I wanted it to be! I will still be going this Fall (less than two weeks now), and I’m beyond excited.

I will be pursuing a double major in Intercultural Studies along with Bible and Theology. I will also be getting a minor in Social Justice. The first two years will be spent on campus followed by a 16 month internship overseas. Finally, I will spend my last semester back on campus finishing up re-entry classes and anything needed for my degrees. This school is one-of-a-kind and I know it will be an incredible opportunity to become better equipped to follow the way God has told me to accept the call He’s given all of us (Matt. 28:18-20).

Prayer: 1) Financial provision. I have been working hard the past year and a half to save money and was able to pay for my first semester (praise God)! I don’t have much foundation to my savings now, though, so be praying for the Spring 2021 semester and favor with the employers I’ve contacted in MN! If you want to support me personally, you can contact me via email at or on Instagram @gabrielle____r 2) That students would remain safe, healthy, and wise. Also, that the university would have wisdom about what policies need to be in place throughout the school year to help maintain those things!

Next up, I’ve been in the process of planning out some fun writing projects! First is a Bible study about who God is. I’m working with a few other people to brainstorm, write chapters, and get an idea of the timeline for completion. With school coming up fast and all of us so far being college students, the hope is to have everything written by the end of next summer and then have the book formatted and published/available by the beginning of 2022 (about a year and a half total)! I’m also tossing around the idea of writing a book, but I’m still sorting all my thoughts on it, so don’t want to talk too much about it. The timeline of that one is a lot blurrier considering I haven’t even considered an outline for the book. It’s in the works, though. I will definitely keep you all updated!

Prayer: That my (and each of the other contributor’s) focus would remain on God and the glorification of His name. That we would all continually ask and trust God to speak through us and our writing rather than try to form anything on our own.

The last bits of news regarding family life: My niece was born in May! If you’ve spoken to me personally lately it’s likely that you’ve heard me gush over this sweet baby non-stop. She’s an angel with a big ol’ head of hair and the prettiest little eyes. She grunts all the time and wants to get a look at everything in the room. This girl is the absolute sweetest thing, and I know I’m gonna be missing her like crazy while at school!

While we have had the joy of experiencing the new life of my niece, we’ve also experienced the loss of my grandmother. She was a beautiful woman inside and out and her passing does not keep her from inspiring me to continue seeking the Lord on a deeper level. Carlene will always be remembered for her faith, love, and joy in the Lord. We are grieved at the loss, but are confident she is in a much better place now, standing face-to-face with her Savior and side-by-side with those she loved most.

Prayer: 1) A healthy life and deep love for God as my niece grows to be the woman she was designed to be (and that I won’t be too heartbroken saying goodbye until Christmas)! 2) That the peace my family has had in the midst of my grandmother’s passing would continue and we would all follow her example of a life lived loving God and others.

That’s it for now! As things change and develop I will keep you all updated. If you have any questions, encouragement, or just wanna learn a bit more about what’s going on, you can message me with any sort of personal communication you have of mine or reach me on Instagram (@gabrielle____r) or by email at One other note before signing off: I may have to adjust how often I post while in school, but hopefully I will be able to balance things in a way to keep posting every week. You all will stay informed! Abide in Him. May He bless you and keep you. Have a wonderful week!

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