Next Chapter: Minnesota Bound!

I made it! Over a thousand miles across the country, about twenty hours of car rides, and three nights on the road has led me to Bethany Global University in Bloomington, MN! I’ll be honest and say the time travelling up to Minnesota was not my favorite thing (driving is pretty low on my list of favorite activities), but we got a full day to hang around Bloomington before move-in this past Monday, and that made it all worth it. I won’t keep you too long today, but I wanted to share some pictures and give y’all a little update. First, the pictures! (Note: Click on the first picture to get a better view and not have them blocked by captions!)

Update time! This semester is looking real busy! I will be shifting to posting every other week during the school year. This means the Song + Verse posts will be taking a break and I will be writing traditional blog posts only. With that, the post from Georgia White is being moved to September 7th rather than August 31st! In addition to it getting us on the new schedule, the original date was going to be on the first day of class for us. Moving it back a week seemed to be the best option.

The past few days have been so much fun, thoroughly exhausting, and have gotten me so excited for the months to come. I know there will be times where it’s not all sunshine, but I have a better Light living inside me and in those I share community with to help guide me. You will stay updated as life changes and adjusts! Thank you for all the love, prayers, and support that you’ve given me. Abide in Him. May He bless you and keep you. Have a wonderful week!

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